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About Us

Our Purpose Is Simple

To help you gain more customers using unique and groundbreaking AI video technology on your social media platforms or for your ads.


This AI technology is unique in that we can make a life like AI generated video for you using your photo and we can translate that video into about a dozen languages such as Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic, of which many of the people who speak those languages live in Australia and would be mightily impressed to see their language being spoken on one of your platforms or in one of your ads.

Jeff Brown

Managing Director

Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff has been in sales and marketing for over 40 years in Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin before now residing in Bali. He started in sales in the agricultural industry in 1977 and ran a publishing business for 18 years after that before getting into AI video marketing.


We're in the business of making affordable, personable, quick-turnover videos which are not disruptive to a business through having a camera crew in your business getting in the way of your customers or production. We are happy to help you take your business to the next level.

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